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2/21/2014 Motion of Judgement

Click here to dowload "Case 5:11-cv-05068-JLV Document 65 Filed 02/21/14" (.pdf)

Database of Billboards

Want to know about a billboard? Just go to the Rapid City Journal's website to check their handy database.

Click Here to Go to the Rapid City Journal's website.

Ad Hoc Sign Code Revision Task Force Meeting Minutes

Get a copy of our Handout here. (image for you to use)

General Reference Library

Background Information - START HERE if unfamiliar with the issues!

This excellent Scenic America's Brochure is organized to help you sort through all of the issues and considerations. Digital Billboards are an extremely complex issue and this piece can equip you with a solid foundation for meetings and give you a basis to fully understand various governmental, citizen and industry arguments on this issue.

Great Article on the Case for Billboard Control

Edward T. McMahon's famous piece has been updated in the Planning Commissioners Journal Winter 2011 Edition. This article makes a very convincing case about controlling billboards with well chosen photographs illustrating his points. This is a great piece to share with people who don't understand what the problem is or that may not have thought through all of the aspects of this burgeoning problem in the digital age.

California and Florida asking Federal DOT to allow commercial advertising on Interstate "Amber Alert" signs

This document from the California DOT discusses the billboard industry's plan to replace the current text-only overhead Interstate signs with LED billboards capable of display graphics and motion.  The signs would be funded by the billboard industry in return for a change in the Highway Beautification Act and other Federal laws prohibiting the use of these signs for advertising.

Scenic America Highlights

Digital and the Highway Beautification Act

Position Paper Regarding the Propriety for Permitting and Digital Billboards on Interstate and Federal-Aid Highways Under the Highway Beautification Act

Paper includes relevant language in the law and regulations.

Digital Safety Issues

Scenic America Safety Page Continuously updated information. What you don't know CAN hurt you...and cost our city a fortune! The billboard industry is focused on getting deals in place prior to this issue overwhelming their efforts. They are putting most of their resources into fighting over this objection at the National level.

Opinion Survey

Public Opinion Survey Results show what you would expect. Voters have spoken. Billboards are simply are not welcome, digital or traditional.

Links to Other Groups

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